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This fundraiser coordinated by myself with support of Joanne Mason, Myles Russel and Abigail Byrne was created with the intention to raise awareness of suicide, how it can be prevented, and to source funds to support MayTree, a sanctuary for the suicidal.

During our campaign I personally chipped in funds to create 10 money boxes pictures on the left. The money boxes were spread out across Newquay and with them and donations from individuals we managed to source over £800 in just over a year.

As a part of this we walked 10K in Weston Super Mare with others who were fundraising for various suicide charities. 

Once the fundraiser was over, The Great Weston Hotel in Newquay kindly continued and insisted on displaying our charity boxes which continued to raise funds past our deadline. We will forever be great full to Steam for their generosity and support.

The above was a second fundraiser, with the first having been a 10 mile walk through London where over £100 was raised with live online promotion of my progress throughout the day by onlinevents.

Suicide Prevention 2018 4.jpg

On the left is a picture from the 10K walk. Here people wrote messages of hope for people struggling with depression and suicide, and messages to loved ones who are no longer with us.

On the right is a group photo of us all participating in the 10K walk.

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