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First Round of Change 4U Workshops a Success

The Change 4U Workshops have concluded for the year, and we have had some amazing outcomes.

The workshops are provided once a month face to face and are available to any current Change 4U Behaviour Change clients who wish to engage in additional support and intervention which aims to further increase the learning by clients and provide an opportunity to talk through any current issues they may be facing, and reduce isolation: “Listening and coming up with ideas to support other people on the course” as stated by one client. Clients are welcome to attend one or more workshops.

“Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for our clients to further enhance their learning and behaviour change journey, while also being part of a group where their hopes, fears, and concerns can be shared and aired in a confidential environment developed and maintained by experienced and dedicated behaviour change workers, all of which helps reduce social isolation for our clients” – Danny Byrne, Senior Change 4U Worker and Training Coordinator

Workshops coverd a variety of themes and topics, including Communication, Gender Privilege, Entitlement, Vulnerability, Intimacy, Sexual Respect, and Responsible Parenting.

Clients were also able to challange and support each other in a safe environment developed and held by the facilitators:

“Hearing the difficulties and challenges others were facing… The facilitators took pride in what they were doing” – Client “Really enjoyed the workshop and facilitators… Not getting judged” – Client

Change 4U continues to offer a free programme across Cornwall to any who wish to change and cease abusive behaviour, and looks forward to offering new workshops in the New Year.

If you are worried about your behaviour and would like to receive our behaviour change programme intervention, please visit or call our helpline on 0300 777 4 777

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