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Male SUsie Programme Webinar a Triumph

“I loved the way in which the webinar was delivered, the resources really hit where they needed to for those to demonstrate how domestic abuse impacts males just as much as it does females and really targeted some of the societal stigmas. ” – Attendee

Over 130 professionals signed up to attend the Male SUsie Programme Lunch and Learn Webinar event held on November 22nd 2022.

The SUsie Programme offers support to men and women who have experienced abuse within Cornwall and have since left the abusive relationships – those who engage with the programme are able to attend an initial assessment to look at their needs, followed by attending a support group to talk through any presenting issues collectively whilst being held by an experienced domestic abuse facilitator, followed by then attending a 12 week recovery toolkit designed and created by Rock Pool and delivered by the SUsie Programme to help individuals go on to have healthier relationships, recognise red flags, form boundaries, all while building self-esteem and confidence throughout the process. Further details on how to refer yourself or someone you know can be found at the bottom of this article.

The event hosted by Jo Tudball, an experienced domestic abuse worker within Safer Futures, and co-faclitated by Danny Byrne at Safer Futures, allowed professionals to come along and learn about the Male SUsie Programme, the fantastic and work it does and the amazing outcomes it achieves.

“Hearing the first hand stories and accounts is always impactful but hearing Jo’s personal accounts of people in her groups also helped” – Attendee

Throughout the session, Jo was able to provide unique insights into male domestic abuse from the perspective of numerous men who had completed the Recovery Toolkit within the Male SUsie Programme, outline lessons learnt which have been taken on board through working with clients, and was able to offer some advice and guidance for professionals who currently or wish to work with male victims of abuse in Cornwall.

“The real-life stories were powerful and moving” – Attendee

The webinar, which was attended by professionals from the local authority, criminal justice, health care, domestic abuse and sexual violence services, and a variety of other sectors, was able to share the story of Alex Skeel, a man who experienced domestic abuse and continues to campaign for the awareness of male domestic abuse; the session also provided a unique insight into a previous clients experience of domestic abuse and their experience of the Male SUsie Programme and recovery toolkit which attendees found very valuable.

At the end of the webinar, attendees were then also able to engage in an optional Q and A session with the facilitators.

“The whole webinar from start to end was brilliant, it was informative, engaging but also short and sweet which meant that it didn’t feel like an information overload.” – Attendee

The SUsie Programme as a part of Barnardo’s Safer Futures offers both online and face to face support options to anyone aged 18 or over regardless of gender or sexuality.

Making A Referral and More Information

If you would like to know more about The SUsie Programme or make a referral for yourself or someone you know, you can visit our website at or by calling our helpline via 0300 777 4 777.

For future events, webinars, and free training please visit:

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