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Safer Futures attend Newquay Boardmasters to promote awareness of abuse & being an active bystander

Ruth is one of our experienced trainers for Safer Futures, providing free courses to those who live and work within Cornwall. At our most recent Boardmasters 2022, Ruth was proud to attend and provide vital education, support, and information to festival goers to promote safety at both at the festival and back home for those attending.

“It was really good, great opportunity to speak to the festival goers; hair and beauty was free to entice campers, and this gave an opportunity for us to speak to them, talk about Safer Spaces, and for them to know that they can come to us” – Ruth

She went on to say “we talked about being a bystander and not ignoring it, we had a tepee next door where they could talk in private for both men and women”.

Information about not being a bystander was given to at least 100 participants, whilst also providing outreach from the campsites to the arena, speaking to venders and security as well as the festival goers.

Safer Futures was proud to see electronic screens throughout the festival and in the main arena the message of ‘Don’t be a Bystander’ was on display for all to see.

In depth discussions were had, including worries and concerns, every conversation was important and like gold to the Safer Futures and Safer Spaces team, there were also pods where people could sleep if they did not feel safe, and there was police support too.

It felt that Boardmasters were really on board in safeguarding those in attendance.

“Boardmasters is a fantastic event for Newquay and the whole of Cornwall, and whilst providing an enjoyable experience is important, it is also equally important that we provide an education to all festival goers, for both when attending a festival, and to be used when back home or on campus”. – Danny Byrne (Senior Project Worker for Change 4U and Training Coordinator).

So, what is next for Bystander Training in the future? Safer Futures continue to provide their free Bystander half day course each month online via Eventbrite ( which is open to all who work or reside in Cornwall, with a certificate provided upon completion. Bystander is also looking to link in with educational settings such as colleges and sixth forms, which will allow for the training to be provided face to face on site, and a certificate given to each student who attends, which we hope may be of use for students who are wanting to apply for universities which are campus based or add to their CV’s.

Safer Futures also provide a range of other free training too for professionals who work or reside in Cornwall:

If you are interested to know more about Safer Futures training offer, or wish to enquire about the training available, please email

If you would like to know about Safer Spaces:

For upcoming events at boardmasters check out their website at:

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