There is always a solution, you are not alone.




First of all, welcome to this site. My name is Danny Byrne, and I am a integrative counsellor with experience in a variety of areas, having also worked in many aspects of health care and support work. I thoroughly believe anyone can benefit from counselling, and that there is always a workable solution to any life issues.

Everyone will experience tough times, whether it is depression, anxiety, relationships etc., I have been there myself, but although many life issues will resolve themselves, sometimes it takes a little bit more to move forward or overcome any difficulty.

If you are experiencing any life issues or hardships right now, I may be able to help, you have already taken the first step by coming here, why not send me a message or check out the counselling i provide here!


"Being able to offload my feelings and experiences knowing that it will be kept in confidence has helped me mentally. To have some of my experience listened to and viewed in an objective way has helped me work through my feelings and not be too hard on myself. It has helped me release some of the guilt and trauma attached to my experiences, and it has given me more clarity in my thinking."